Kart Racing Lap Timers & Dataloggers

MyChron5 Kart Racing Datalogger

MyChron5 and MyChron5 2T, besides sampling all your kart data, feature all the advantages of a new concept GPS plus a lot of new functions, designed to provide more complete and reliable information. More info

MyChron5 2T Kart Racing Datalogger

The MyChron 5 2T kart racing datalogger features 2 temperature sensor inputs, which can be used to measure the following – water temperature, cylinder head temperature (CHT) / under spark or exhaust gas temperature (EGT). The number of temperature inputs is the only difference between the MyChron 5 and this MyChron 5 2T. The MyChron5 2T is supplied with ONE sensor: choose between a M10 water temperature sensor, an under plug CHT (cylinder head temperature) sensor or an exhaust gas temperature (EGT) sensor. More info

Kart Racing Camera Video Loggers

SmartyCam HD Rev2 Kart Racing Camera Video Loggers

SmartyCam HD kart racing datalogger has been designed specifically for kart motorsport applications with the single purpose of providing great videos that include all the technical information that will help you improve your performance. All this in the most robust and reliable system ever. More info.

Kart Racing Datalogger Expansions

Aim Mychron Kart Racing Datalogger Expansion

MyChron kart racing Expansion is the new channel multiplier improving the MyChron4 and MyChron4 2T performance thanks to four additional channels and a further connector for the CAN bus. Through this last connector MyChron4 can be connected to another Aim systems (LCU Lambda controller, GPS, SmartyCam HD, the on-board camera) or a Data key for data download. Thanks to its specific wiring, the MyChron Expansion powers MyChron4 and its peripherals with an external battery, avoiding internal battery consumption. More info.

Aim LCU-One Kart Racing Lambda Controller

LCU-One kart racing lambda controller monitors air/fuel ratio, making your engine run at its best. The LCU-One CAN Lambda controller allows you to perfectly tune the carburetion of your kart engine as well as keep it at its best, appreciably improving your kart performances. All LCU-One lambda controllers use a wide band Bosch LSU 4.9 probe either for its capacity of saving the original calibration for all its life and for its duration: Bosch LSU 4.9 probe, in fact, has been designed to last for more than 100.000 km on kart engines. LCU-One can detect punctual Lambda values from 0.65 to 1.6, offering an extremely precise measurement, very useful for engine tuning. Through the analysis of the remaining oxygen, LCU-One points out possible oxygen excess/lack in the carburetion, providing an essential information for 4 strokes engines as well as 2 strokes engines. More info

Kart Racing Data Hub

The CAN connection multiplier working as an interface between Aim loggers (MXL/EVO3 Pro) mounted on your kart and its peripheral equipments. Available with 2 and 4 inputs. More info

Kart Racing Sensors

Kart Racing Stopwatches

MultiChron Kart Racing Stopwatch

Time up to four racers simultaneously. The MultiChron stopwatch is an handy and versatile digital kart racing lap timer suited for any racing situation that can track up to four different racers simultaneously. Its generous memory lets you record 99 laps per driver with up to 9 splits per competitor per lap. Moreover you can quickly see best laps and scroll all competitors’ lap times to review the race. Despite its rugged, appealing case, equipped with a bright display, MultiChron kart racing stopwatch is the ideal tool for any kind of competition racing. More info.