Motocross Racing Dash Dataloggers

Data acquisition is becoming a key success factor even in motocross world. A deep understanding of racer and motorcycle behavior leads to improved performances: speed and acceleration in every point on the track, lap and split times, RPM, throttle position, brake pressures and more…

Aim Solo & Solo DL Motocross  Racing Lap Timer & Dash Logger

Solo is a completely automatic lap timer based on GPS technology. Using its GPS based location, it identifies the finish line coordinates and automatically starts sampling and displaying lap times. Of course, Solo can be used in all of your performance situations: circuits, hill climbs, regularity, point to point races, and performance tests. Solo displays and records speed, accelerations, braking and all of the data you need while racing. You then review your data immediately after each session, this helps you analyze and improve your performance. More info

MXL2 Motocross Dash Logger

The new dash logger for motocross. The MXL2 display features a high contrast traditional LCD, with a black to white ratio nearly double its predecessor, fused with a graphical LCD offering great flexibility in information display and alerts. More info

Motocross Racing Loggers

EVO4 Motocross Data Logger

The compact datalogger where GPS, ECU connections, analogic and digital channels are included. More info

Motocross Camera/Video Loggers

SmartyCam HD Motocross Camera/Video Loggers

The new professional cameras designed for motocross racing.
Choose your SmartyCam HD. More info.

Motorsport Car Racing Stopwatches

Aim MultiChron Motorsport Car Racing Stopwatch

Time up to four racers simultaneously! The dedicated motorsport racing MultiChron stopwatch is an handy and versatile digital lap timer suited for any car racing situation that can track up to four different racers simultaneously. Its generous memory lets you record 99 laps per driver with up to 9 splits per competitor per lap. Moreover you can quickly see best laps and scroll all competitors’ lap times to review the race. Despite its rugged, appealing case, equipped with a bright display, MultiChron is the ideal tool for any kind of competition. More info.

Motocross Sensors

Motocross Sensors

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