Motorcycle Racing Dash Dataloggers

MXL2 Motorcycle Dash Logger

The new dash logger for motorcycle racing. The MXL2 display features a high contrast traditional LCD, with a black to white ratio nearly double its predecessor, fused with a graphical LCD offering great flexibility in information display and alerts. More info

MXG Motorcycle Racing Dash Logger

The new extra wide dash logger for motorcycle racing. The MXG display features a high contrast 7” TFT display, fully configurable by a dedicated software. You can create as many pages as wished, showing in different fonts and dimensions every information received by MXG, as well as math channels. More info

Aim Solo & Solo DL Motorcycle Racing Lap Timer

Solo is a completely automatic motorcycle racing lap timer based on GPS technology. Using its GPS based location, it identifies the finish line coordinates and automatically starts sampling and displaying lap times. Of course, Solo can be used in all of your performance situations: circuits, hill climbs, regularity, point to point races, and performance tests. Solo displays and records speed, accelerations, braking… all of the data you need while racing. Then you can review your data immediately after each session, this helps you analyze and improve your performance. More info

Motorcycle Racing DataLoggers

Aim EVO5 Motorcycle Datalogger

The New EVO 5 Datalogger is the evolution of the traditional datalogger that, all over the years, has become a standard de facto acquisition system in a huge amount of championships. With its compact aluminum body, EVO5 can be easily placed in any vehicle. Its configuration with the new Race Studio 3 software is simple and immediate. Compatibility with Aim visors will come soon. More info

Aim EVO4 Motorcycle Datalogger

The compact datalogger where GPS, ECU connections, analogic and digital channels are included. More info

AiM designs specific applications to allow easy installation and connection of EVO4 on sports bikes. Today the kits for several BMW, Ducati and Yamaha models have been finalized. More will follow.

Aim EVO4s Motorcycle Datalogger

The new EVO4S maintains the same connection logic of EVO4 but with a completely redesigned internal electronic board, fully compatible with the last generation of AiM dashloggers and with Race Studio 3 software.
More info.

Motorcycle Racing Dashes

MXS Strada Motorcycle Racing Dash

MXS Strada is the evolution of MXL Strada, one of the most widely-spread motorcycle racing dashes on tracks and streets all over the world. The MXS Strada has a 5″ color display with great visual impact, configurable to show lap times and all the info coming from the Engine Control Unit, analog/digital inputs, pre-defined math channels and – optionally – the GPS Module. More info

MXL Strada Motorcycle Racing Dash

MXL is a complete, modular motorcycle racing dash logger. It’s features are appreciated by more than 15,000 racers all over the world. The MXL Strada motorcycle display is fully configurable: it shows the data in different customizable pages, features alarms and shift lights. Lap times are sampled either with optical receiver and via external GPS. They can be set in different ways: static, rolling, predicted and with split times. More info

Motorcycle Racing Displays

G-Dash Motorcycle Racing Display

The new compact graphical display for EVO4. G-Dash is a small, flexible, fully configurable graphical display, for a more precise and enjoyable data visualization. More info.

Motorcycle Camera Video Loggers

Smartycam GP HD Motorcycle Video Logger Cameras

The new professional video logger cameras designed for motorcycle racing
Choose your SmartyCam HD. More info.

Aim Motorcycle Bridges

Aim Motorcycle ECU Bridge

An interface module connecting the ECU to an Aim visor as well as to the on-board camera SmartyCam, whenever a datalogger is not available. More info.

Aim Motorcycle RPM Bridge

The new professional cameras designed for motorsports.
Choose your SmartyCam HD. More info.

Motorcycle Datalogger Expansions

Aim GPS08 Motorcycle GPS Module

Position, 3D maps, speed, yaw rate, lateral and linear G-force, automatic lap times and much more in a small, all-in-one device for motorcycle racing. More info

Aim TC Hub Motorcycle CAN Multiplier

The thermo-couples multiplier which communicates through the motorcycle CAN bus, increasing the number of available channels without engaging any analog channels of the logger. More info.

Aim Motorsport Channel Expansion

The compact CAN device providing virtually endless data acquisition system expansion options. More info.

Aim Motorcycle Data Key

Data key allows to immediately transfer MyChron4 data from your motorcycle to your pc.  Simply plug Data key in your logger at the end of test or motorcycle race session and your data can be straightaway downloaded to your PC.
 More info

Aim Motorcycle Data Hub

The CAN connection multiplier working as an interface between AiM logger (MXL/EVO3 Pro) mounted on your motorcycle and its peripheral equipment. The data hub is available with 2 or 4 inputs. more info

Aim Motorcycle LCU-One Lambda Controller

LCU-One monitors air/fuel ratio from your motorcycle to monitor optimum engine performance
More info

Multichron Motorcycle Racing Stopwatch

MultiChron motorcycle racing stopwatch is an handy and versatile digital lap timer suited for any racing situation that can track up to four different racers simultaneously. More info.

Aim MultiChron Motorcycle Racing Stopwatch

Time up to four racers simultaneously! The dedicated motorcycle racing MultiChron stopwatch is an handy and versatile digital lap timer suited for any motorcycle racing situation that can track up to four different racers simultaneously. Its generous memory lets you record 99 laps per driver with up to 9 splits per competitor per lap. Moreover you can quickly see best laps and scroll all competitors’ lap times to review the race. Despite its rugged, appealing case, equipped with a bright display, MultiChron is the ideal tool for motorcycle racing. More info.